How to apply

1. How do I apply?

Sign up as a tutor through our Login page and complete your profile. See more...

2. Where do I have to live in to be eligible to work for ESITY?

You can work with us from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

3. Can I apply if I don't have a Bachelor's degree?

Yes, you can.

However, teachers with at least Bachelor's degree or 1 year of teaching experience might be prefered.

First lesson

1. Understand your Tutor's account

You completed your profile, but still feel a bit lost in your Tutor's account? Let's take a tour around your Tutor's account.

2. How to use ZOOM online classroom

Make sure to see our mandatory ZOOM for Tutors training before your first class. In this training material, you will learn about how to:

  • Add ZOOM to your profile
  • Join your online lesson
  • Microphone and Camera check
  • Microphone and Camera check
  • Share screen (and audio)
  • Change view
  • Use annotation tools
  • Give control to students
  • Use ZOOM Recording
  • Leave the lesson

1. Why is first lesson important?

The first lesson is very important because, along with your qualification, we decide whether you will be admitted to ESITY's team. Your first class is done with a real student - either a new student as a free trial lesson, or an existing student as a substituted lesson. It happens in ESITY's Zoom room, it is recorded and viewed by our manager responsible for hiring. The lesson recording is automatically erased after 7 days.

2. What do I need to show during the first lesson?

You will need to show that you can use Zoom online classroom, that you can use the selected online teaching materials and you can maximize using of target language during the class. You will also show how well you can explain activities to students, how you can get complete answers from the student, your language teaching skills and your time management. If you want to know more, see ESITY teachers recruitment document below this section.

So go through all class materials and prepare well because it is very obvious if you have never seen them before and it could lead to failure of the application process.

3. What shall I do to be well-prepared for the first lesson?

  • Take a look at ESITY Teachers Recruitment File below so you know what we will evaluate.
  • Read and see the preparation materials in your Job's description inside our system.
  • Prepare and practice with given lesson materials and online Zoom classroom.
  • Teach from a place with good lighting and background.
  • Make sure you have good internet connection.


1. How many students will I teach in one class?

95% of our classes are one-on-one, so there is a high chance of teaching individual lessons. We also have some small group classes with children or adults where you can have up to 4 or 8 students. The good thing is you can decide and select how many students per class you want to teach.

2. Do I need to prepare materials for teaching?

Mostly not, our team has already prepared materials for most of the classes or we use external resources. However, teachers must prepare for some classes (for example some target languages do not have exact curriculum so you prepare according to student's needs).

Teachers also must prepare for ready-made classes by viewing the class materials and are free to use their own ideas for games and enriching the class materials in a way that fulfills the students' and the classes' goals.

3. Do I need to communicate with parents?

No, ESITY office staff will communicate with parents. If adult learners have any class management issues, you can tell them to contact our office, too. However, you can leave an evaluation of the student for parents or himself to see.

4. Do I always teach the same students?

Yes, preferably. We believe in creating a friendly relationship between students and their teachers. Students feel more relaxed when they talk to the person they already know and meeting a new teacher may be stressful for them. This is why we give students the first class free. If student likes you, you will have 1 to 3 lessons with this student weekly. Another teacher can supplement you in case of holiday or sickness. However, if the student desires to have class at the time when you are not available, or to change the teacher along the way, he or she can do so.

5. Where do classes take place?

We use ZOOM as a virtual classroom platform as it has features that others don't have and which are important to us. For example, a student can see you AND the teaching material at the same time and you can both write in it. These are just two of many reasons why we use this platform for our classes.


1. What is the payment?

As an independent teacher, you set your own price. (You get a one-hour salary for a 50-minute class and a half of the hourly salary for a 25-minute class). 

The average payment for non-native English teachers starts at 3 EUR and raises up to 10 EUR per hour. The average payment for native English and American teachers is from 10 to 25 EUR per hour.

We advise you to start with a lower price and rise it after you get some students and good reviews.

2. How much tax do I have to pay?

ESITY teachers are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes in accordance with their tax jurisdictions or state laws.

3. How and when will I get paid?

Teachers get paid through Paypal, direct bank deposits or other partner portals between the 5th and 10th of each month.

4. Can I raise my price?

Of course, you can. Consider that this may affect the number of students who choose you. 

5. Can I take breaks and holidays?

Yes, you can. You are managing your own calendar. We recommend you setting your breaks or holidays as soon as possible by removing your availability during those days. All changes should be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you might be charged a penalty for not attending your scheduled lessons.


1. How long is the class?

Each class is guaranteed 25 or 50 minutes of active instruction. At the end of the class, teachers may write notes and evaluate the class. Total time commitment is 30 or 60 minutes per class, without preparation time. 3 minutes are allowed for possible technical problems before canceling the class.

2. How does booking work?

Teachers should enter a steady weekly availability one month in advance for a semester. Teachers can see their weekly schedules at their calendar on our platform and can connect this calendar with any other calendar accepting iCal (like Google or Outlook calendar). Teachers can be scheduled by our staff not less than 24 hours in advance, or they can schedule classes themselves. ESITY encourages all teachers to set calendar reminders on their phone, or to check their emails and their schedule on a daily basis. Less than 24 hours in advance scheduling is usually done through phone, chat or email to make sure the teacher is reached.

3. When should I be available to teach?

If you want to maximize the number of your classes we recommend you to be available for at least 10 hours a week during our peak times. The most requested time slots are: Monday-Friday 3 pm - 9 pm and Saturday-Sunday 9 am - 9 pm. You don't have to work full shifts, but if you are available to work during these times, you have higher probability to have more classes.

Set your availability in our system to be visible to students using the video right here.

4. Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours I teach?

ESITY does not set or limit how much a teacher teaches during the day. Teachers have 100% control over their plan. However, some time periods are not popular among our students because they are usually at school or at work. Please note that it may take some time to have more classes, as students usually have steady teachers. We give no guarantee that the teacher will have a fixed number of hours.