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Live private and group classes

Learn and practise with expert teachers either one-on-one or in groups with students from around the world.

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Study with leaders of modern teaching materials and communication technology.

Tailored courses designed to fit your needs

Specialized courses: for your industry (hotel English, IT English...), job role (English for sales representatives, English for managers...) or specific tasks (giving presentations in English, writing e-mails in English...).

Quality foreign teachers

Our teachers are from all around the world. They love to teach, understand education and empower students to reach their goals.

You can choose any teacher according to their country, native language, time availability, education and much more.

The whole world of teachers are available for you and you can decide to change your teacher if you want to.

English for Hotels and hospitality facilities

Why choose ESITY?

Hiqh quality textbooks

from English teaching industry leaders

Individual or group classes

anytime, anywhere

Increasing revenue

with money effective language courses

International teachers provide high quality teaching services to companies around the world.

Technology empowers every class that protects your data

Leading technology for online meetings

Positioned as a leader by Gartner.

Ultimate multi-device solution

Works on any device.


Engineered and optimized to work reliably.

Our commitment

Worry-free payment

Try out up to 3 free trial classes before you decide to study with us.


After payment, your company will sign a course service agreement with ESITY, and we will guarantee the service level to you.

Teacher commitment

We guarantee the high quality teaching level of our international teachers and all our teachers are continually educated to improve their teaching skills.

How to experience the ESITY trial class for free

Contact us to receive free trial class

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Schedule an appointment

Your dedicated course consultant will contact you to arrange a test for your employees and a private or group language classes.

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