German for high school students (15-18 years)

Netzwerk neu is an interactive online German course.

  • Teach networked - learn networked - live networked!
  • Netzwerk neu leads young and adult learners to levels A1, A2 and B1 and prepares them for all relevant exams. 
  • The course prepares students for authentic language practice and enables varied lessons. Learning paths, tasks and exercises are based on the DLL method (Tasks, exercises, interaction).
  • Motivating tasks and playful applications are integrated into the lessons. 

Overview of the ESITY German course Netzwerk neu

Development of language skills

Development of self-study skills

Preparation before class

Online materials (5-25 minutes)

Learning key knowledge before the lesson from different types of videos and online materials.

Online class with a tutor

Online lesson (25 or 50 minutes)

Quality international teachers bring a pure German entry live in the online classroom. They teach children by playing.

Summary after class

Online homework (5-20 minutes)

Online homework to consolidate the key knowledge of the lesson.

Experience a fully German environment with teachers from German-speaking countries

Interaction live privately or within a small group, the opportunity to have a pure German pronunciation, to perceive multiculturalism.

Learning exclusively in a foreign language imitates the environment of learning the mother tongue.

International teachers lead students into an environment similar to learning their mother tongue. It is pure German naturally rich in knowledge.

Speaking German is gaining importance in real life. Therefore, more and more young people to learn a foreign language before it is too late. Take the opportunity to learn German in the comfort of your home or anywhere else.