General German

It is scientifically proven that we remember more of the structured, clear lessons that have a system. Choose from a range of general German courses for all levels, from beginners to very advanced.

Linie 1

Linie is a German language course with an online tutor and online materials, which focuses on everyday personal and work life.

These teaching materials are BAMF certified.

  • Line 1 General German
  • Line 1 Swiss German
  • Line 1 Austrian German

Linie 1 Course overview

Samples of Linie 1 textbooks

Aspekte neu

Aspekte neu is a course with an online teacher that focuses on common areas and situations in life that we encounter.

It supports autonomous education as well as exam preparation. It is aimed at students of higher language levels from B1 to C1.

Aspekte neu course overview

Samples of Aspekte neu textbooks

Language skills development

Blended online course flow

Participation before the class

Online materials (5-25 minutes)

Learning key knowledge before the class from online materials.

Online class with online teacher

Individual or group online class (25/50 minutes)

High quality international teachers bring pure English input in a live online class. They let you think and talk more.

After class consolidation

Online homework (5-20 minutes)

Online homework to consolidate the key knowledge of the lesson.

Explore full German environment for immersion learning

1-on-1 or small group live interaction, possibility to have pure German pronunciation, perceiving multiculturalism

Immersion teaching mimics the real international learning environment.

International teachers guide students into a "living abroad"-like learning environment. Naturally acquired knowledge-rich pure German.

In today's world, it is necessary to speak foreign languages more than ever before. That's why more and more people want to learn German professionally. Take the opportunity to learn German with online tutors in the comfort of your home or anywhere else with our online language university.