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Why do we only hire quality international teachers? 


Students can choose native speakers to learn to speak more authenticly, or teachers from their country who understand them, or any country for any reason.


Teachers and students from all over the world create an international environment where it is natural to speak a foreign language.

Technology education 

The new technology offers more interesting ways of learning that students like and enjoy.

Lifelong learning

We strictly control the quality of teachers through recruitment and ongoing training.

Our teachers say...

ESITY is an amazing opportunity for mothers on a maternity leave as well as for university students who want to earn some extra money...

Ivana L

Teacher of English

I love being able to make someone excited about languages as well as lose fear of making mistakes. I believe I can do exactly that by teaching through Esity since the lessons are interactive, fun, but most importantly personal.

Eva P

Teacher of English and Spanish

What I like about learning with Esity is the simplicity, the use of modern technologies and the efficiency, which is comparable to tutoring in person.

Pauline H

Teacher of English

Technical Requirements

Laptop, Desktop, MAC

You cannot teach using your phone or tablet.

Headset with a microphone

Stable input and output. Not required for the first class, but required in the long run.

HD web camera

External or integrated.

Operating system

Windows 10, MAC OS 10.8x and up.


At least 30 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. 

Memory and CPU

At least 4 GB RAM and CPU Intel Core i4 or above.

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