English for pre-school children (3-6 years)

My Little Island takes students on an exciting fantasy-island adventure through their pre-literacy years. Child-centred themes, fun games, catchy action-packed songs, highly visual stories, CLIL and phonics awareness lessons develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the whole learner.

ESITY pre-school course system map

Course development goal

Developing self-learning ability

Participation before the class

Preview video (3-25 minutes)

Learning key knowledge before the class from different types of videos.

Strong interaction in class

Individual or group online class (25/50 minutes)

High quality international teachers bring pure English input in a live online class. They let children think and talk more.

After class consolidation

Online homework (5-20 minutes)

Online homework to consolidate the key knowledge of the lesson.

Explore full English environment for immersion learning

1-on-1 or small group live interaction, possibility to have pure Engish pronunciation, perceive multiculturalism

Immersion teaching mimics the mother tongue learning environment

International teachers guide children into a mother-like learning environment. Naturally acquired knowledge-rich pure English.

Young children learn intuitively and faster than at a later age. That is why more and more parents want their children to learn a foreign language before they start school. Take the opportunity to have English classes for your child in the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

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