Dominika M.

Hi there! My mame is Dominika and I have always been fascinated by people who spoke more languages. That's why I decided to study Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna. That entails a study of 3 languages: Czech, German and English. I've been living in Austria for 6 years now and I've been to the USA twice (1st time for 6 months and 2nd time for 4 months). I have one year of experience teaching German and English online. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Best, Dominika :)

Country: Slovakia, Europe

Teaches language: English, German

Teaches a category: children, adults, companies

Year of birth: 1994

EducationTranscultural Communication, University of Vienna - university student; ÖSD Diploma B2

Work experience: Aupairin Austria 2013-2014, Aupair in America 2016-2017, hostess in Spain summer 2017, conference participant 2017-2020, 2018 Work and Travel USA, teacher of German and English since 2019

Hobbies:dancing, swimming, traveling

They already teach English:2 years

She has been teaching with us since:May 2020

The price: € 18 for a 50-minute lesson, € 9 for a 25-minute lesson

Modrá - pracovný čas lektora. Po dohode možný aj iný čas.
Modrá - pracovný čas lektora. Po dohode možný aj iný čas.