Terms and conditions for Teachers

Independent Teacher service contract

with ESITY s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

Address: Račianska 88 B, 831 02 Bratislava, SlovakiaThe company and the teacher (hereinafter referred to as the "tutor" or "lecturer") agree with this contract voluntarily, in accordance with the laws and regulations issued by the competent authorities of the Slovak Republic. By providing services for the Company, the lecturer agrees to this contract, and both parties undertake to respect the provisions of the contract.

1. The position of the teacher and the scope of work

1.1 The teacher's position name is Online Lecturer. In accordance with the Company's instructions, the lecturer will provide teaching services in English / German or another foreign language according to the agreement to the company's customers.
1.2 The lecturer, by mutual agreement, accepts the management and organization of teaching within the set working hours.
1.3 Except in exceptional circumstances which make it impossible for the lecturer to teach, the lecturer may not stop teaching prematurely.

2. Rules of teaching or cancellation of teaching

Students pre-pay the classes and expect them to be delivered on time and in full length. On the other hand, the teachers also expect the same from the students - to come and pay for the scheduled classes. To deliver what each side wants and to fulfill our promises, we have created these rules for teachers and students:

A: Punctuality

Lecturers should be punctual for each class. The lecturer should be in the online classroom at least 5 minutes in advance (his video and microphone can be turned off). If the lecturer is late, he will be deducted 10% of the tuition fee for each delayed minute. If the lecturer is late longer than 5 minutes, 50% of the salary for the given lecturer teaching will be deducted as a fine and the class can be transferred to another lecturer.
The lecturer should check the scheduled lessons each day (there may be some changes).

B: Duration of classes

One lesson lasts 25 minutes or 50 minutes upon agreement with the student. Student can request different timing of the lessons.
The lecturer can never leave teaching earlier than after 25 or 50 minutes (depending on the length of the lesson). If the lecturer leaves the class earlier, 10% per minute will be deducted from his / her remuneration for the given class. If the lecturer leaves the class earlier than 5 minutes before the end of the class, h0% of the salary for the given lecturer teaching will be deducted as a fine.

C: Absence from classes

The teacher must request time off at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.
If a teacher cannot teach the class and requests leave less than 24 hours in advance, but at least 3 hours in advance, he will be deducted as a fine 10% of the hourly wage for each affected class. For example, if the teacher has 3 classes on Tuesday afternoon and asks for leave on Tuesday morning, and his payment is 10 Eur per hour, 3 x 1 Eur (10% of 10 Eur) = 3 Eur will be deducted from that teacher's monthly payment.
If the teacher requests a leave less than 3 hours in advance, or does not attend the class without notifying the company, he will not be paid for this class and will be deducted as a fine 50% of the hourly salary for each affected class.
This is true even if the teacher is available but unable to teach due to a computer, device or internet problem.

D: If the student is late or absent

Students should book lessons at least 24 hours in advance. Any changes should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
If a student cancels a lesson less than 24 hours in advance but at least 3 hours in advance, the teacher will receive 50% of the salary for this lesson.
If a student cancels a lesson less than 3 hours in advance, the teacher will receive 100% of the salary for this lesson.
If a student is absent from class or has problems with the Internet or equipment, the teacher must contact the company and stay in the online classroom with video and microphone on throughout the class in case the student shows up, unless otherwise instructed by the company. The teacher will receive a full salary for this lesson.

E: Complaints and termination

If a teacher receives 3 or more complaints per month regarding the following teaching problems, consideration will be given to the possible termination or suspension of the teacher's teaching, or 10% of the teacher's hourly wage will be deducted for each teaching that is the subject of the complaint:
1. Punctuality or lessons lasting less than 25/50 minutes.
2. Endangered teaching due to absence or leave.
3. Teaching that is cancelled due to the teacher's problems with the laptop / internet / technology.
4. Non-professional behavior of the teacher, like eating, drinking or answering phone calls in class
5. Inability to use teaching software professionally and according to company's policies (like not using sharing the screen or camera)
6. Using the wrong teaching materials
7. Unsatisfactory teaching performance

F: Teaching evaluation

Teachers' teaching is recorded and checked as needed a maximum of three times a month, and the teacher can be given feedback on his teaching. If the teacher still does not show an improvement in teaching after two consecutive reminders, it is possible to suspend or terminate the cooperation. Teachers will be evaluated according to our KPI system. If the teacher's monthly KPI score reaches 95%, then the teacher may receive an incentive (monthly payment × 5%) for good performance. If the monthly KPI score is below 80% for two consecutive months, there is a possibility to terminate or suspend the collaboration with such a teacher.

G: Rules and regulations

1. The teacher must keep their online lessons appropriately dressed (formal sleeved clothing is recommended).
2. The teacher must check the internet server and eliminate any noise that could interfere with teaching.
3. ZOOM: Registration - Come to class at least 5 to 10 minutes before starting online classes (with video and microphone off), wait for students and check the student's sheet and teaching materials.
4. Report problems with teaching: in case of any problems, the teacher contacts the company.
5. The teacher must teach in accordance with coaching and training and improve.
6. The teacher must follow the standard teaching procedure or teach according to the needs of the student.
7. The teacher must know that the lesson materials are designed for a specific level of students in a given language. Teaching should be flexible and take into account the specific level of the student.
8. The teacher must conduct the lessons in such a way that the lessons are as interactive and engaging as possible.

3. Payment and benefits

3.1 Payment for classes will be made through Paypal or otherwise agreed in euros or dollars (for example, through our partner portals).
The teacher will be paid by the 10th day of each month for all work completed in the previous calendar month, unless otherwise agreed. It is the sole responsibility of the teacher to declare all income and pay personal income tax. The company does not take responsibility for the consequences associated with the non-declaration of personal income taxes by teachers.
3.2 The teacher acknowledges that he agrees to provide the services exclusively as an independent contractor. The company will not be responsible for paying taxes and teacher fees.
3.3 A teacher can increase his hourly rate by € 1 when his teaching time reaches 100 hours - 100 lessons taught. The price changes only for lessons that will be ordered after the price change. It is possible to agree to keep the original price with existing students by contacting the Company. The teacher must understand that this can change the number of students who choose him, because many students choose teachers according to their price. Teachers should start with lower rates, as new teachers tend to teach demonstration classes that students do not pay for; free courses for students who are considering buying our services or choosing a new teacher. Successful demonstration classes may then be paid to the teacher.

4. Termination of cooperation

4.1 The teacher must abide by the company's policies and store sensitive, confidential or proprietary business information. Any violation of the company's rules and regulations will result in an appropriate penalty or termination of cooperation with the teacher.
4.2 The teacher acknowledges that (1) the information he / she provides during the interview and at the beginning of the collaboration is true; (2) the materials and certificates he provides are legal and valid. Any fraudulent information or materials will result in fines or termination of employment.
4.3 This Agreement shall enter into force upon termination and the Teacher agrees to this Contract by providing the Company's services.
4.4 If the teacher wants to terminate the employment, he must inform the company at least 30 days in advance. A fine of 20% of the monthly salary will be deducted from the teacher's final payment if he does not do so.

5. Other

5.1 The Company may use photographs or videos of the Teacher on the Company's website and in marketing materials and for commercial purposes. In the event that a teacher ceases to work for the Company, the Company may continue to use the Teacher's images and videos for marketing and training purposes.
5.2 During class, the teacher should not discuss subjects (1) that are considered profane or illegal in Slovakia or the student's country (2) and that infringe copyright; or (3) seriously damage a person's reputation.
5.3 Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Contract shall be settled amicably between the company and the teacher; in the event of a failure of the negotiations, the dispute shall be submitted to the Slovak Arbitration Court. The arbitral award shall be final and binding on both parties.
5.4 The Company and the Teacher have both access to this Agreement.By providing the Company's services, the Teacher agrees to this agreement.