Poptropica English materials

Thanks to Poptropica English, studying English is an unforgettable adventure! 

Welcome to Poptropica English, an English school for primary school children (6-12 years old), consisting of six levels that appeals to young students like never before. A unique combination of wonderful learning materials and online activities, songs and games full of fun creates a world of excitement and adventure that children will not want to leave. 

The textbook is intended for one school year, 2-3 lessons per week. 

Package contents:

1. If you choose the Student's book:

- Textbook in paper form - contains colorful pictures, fun tasks and games, cutouts and tasks with stickers. 

- Poptropica English World online materials - the online game Island Adventure Game, which the child also has in online classes; mini-games, videos and songs, as well as audio recordings for the workbook. 

2. If you choose the Workbook:

- Workbook in paper form - contains exercises for individual lessons, which the child does for homework either online or in this workbook.

You can buy these materials for the course with an online English teacher for children 6-12 years.

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