My Little Island paper materials

Welcome to My Little Island! 

A friendly place for children where they can start their English adventure.

Designed specifically for nursery students from 3-6 year-olds through a four language skills approach in 3 levels.

Improving language skills by listening, speaking and preparing to read and write. Children start by listening to and watching picture stories and progress through the top two levels to gradually "read" stories that have simple short text. 

Children progress from learning first letters to writing short words. Listening and speaking, which are crucial for language learning, are developed throughout the program with increased emphasis at later levels. 

The textbook is intended for one school year. 

Package contents: 

1. If you choose a Textbook in paper form:

- contains large simple multi-colored pictures, fun tasks with stickers, colouring or connecting with a line 

- CD with the computer game My Little Island, where children can consolidate their vocabulary and basic structures from lesson in a playful way at home.

2. If you choose a workbook in a paper form:

- The workbook provides exercises to practice lessons from the textbook. Children practice fine motor skills by colouring, tracing, and matching pictures related to the theme. 

- an Audio CD with songs and rhymes from the course for repetition at home.

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