For Students: How to enter and manage your online classroom


How to enter an online class

There are several ways to enter an online class:

The easiest for beginners is via an email invitation link. You will receive an invitation email via Google Calendar (if you use Google Calendar, you will also find the link directly in your Google calendar). In the invitation, you can click YES that you will attend the lesson and you will also find a link in it, which will take you directly to the online class.

The link to your online classroom comes with a passcode that you will need for entering the online room.

Depending on your default web browser, you may be prompted to open or download Zoom

You can also participate directly from the browser, but for more features and a better experience, we recommend downloading and installing ZOOM. It's like Skype with multiple online meeting options.

Online classroom tools

for PC and notebooks

In this video you will learn:

  • how to mute/unmute your microphone or camera
  • how to change the video layout
  • what video layout to use for an adult student or a child
  • how to write or draw on the screen (young children may control the teacher's mouse remotely to draw, older children and adults should use their own annotation tools)
  • where to troubleshoot audio or video issues
  • how to leave an online classroom.

These are all the basic features you need for your online classes.

Try them as soon as possible.