Hassan Z.

Country: Canada

Teaches languages: English

Category: Children 15 - 18 years, Adults

Year of birth: 1969

Education: Master of Science in Electronic Tourism Management from the University of Surrey

Teaching experience: Extensive experience in teaching university students (up to 100 learners at once) and training staff of international companies. Online English instructor for students and professionals.

Teaching with us since: October 2022

Price: € 17 per 50-min. class, 9 € per 25-min. Class

I hold more than eight IATA/FIATA diplomas and a Master of Science in Electronic Tourism Management from the University of Surrey; my academic achievements in tourism, freight, business, and English are from Canada, the United States of America, England, Switzerland, Greece, Malta, Dubai, Fiji, and more. I have traveled to around seventy countries. I have taught at many universities, such as Lebanese University and Saint Joseph University. I am the producer of Lebanon Travel Encyclopedia, a unique product and the only one available of its kind. As a trade department manager at MSC Cruises Lebanon, I led the company to successful product launches in bookings, sales, and beyond through a product roadmap and go-to-market strategy. I have trained staff of many international companies such as Japanese Tobacco International, Air Arabia, Euromaster Import/Export, Gray Line Worldwide, Afriqiyah Airways, Buraq Airline, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, and many more in various topics in business, and the delivery indeed was in the English language. I have taught online several students from all over the world using my English language curriculum. I am both Canadian and Lebanese.