Hi, My name is David from England. I have been teaching for over 30 years! 

I was born to teach and inspire, motivate and enable students to reach their goals. I have taught many subjects from Music to Business but mostly English as a Second Language. 

I have an honours degree, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a TEFL Diploma. I have absolutely no accent at all!!! 

I have taught English across the world to all levels, all ages, individually and in groups. 

I will establish your level, focus on your goals and create a learning plan to help you reach them. I will correct your mistakes, reduce your accent and motivate you to fluency and confidence in conversation. 

My style is relaxed but disciplined, humorous and creative. I will use my experience to take you to the next level and beyond.  

Country: England, Europe (living in Ukraine, Europe)

Category: children 12+, adults, companies, individuals, groups

Year of birth: 1962

Education: Post Graduate Certificate in Education; PGCE, TEFL Diploma 120

Work experience: Secondary School Humanities teacher, 1995 - 2003, ESL Teacher, Thailand 1989 -2005, Company Director ASD Restaurants 2003 -2013, Property Surveyor 2014-2017, ESL Teacher online 2017 - current.

Teaching experience: 31 years

Hobbies: Dog training, Hunting, Natural History, Cooking, Fitness and Nutrition, Musician.

Teaching with us since: August 2021

Price per 50-minute lesson: € 40

Price per 25-minute lesson: € 20

Blue - the time when the teacher is available
Blue - the time when the teacher is available