Chaimae L.

Country: Moroccan

Teaches languages: English

Category: All group ages

Year of birth: 1992

Education: Master's degree, Linguistics.

Teaching experience: Qualified and Certified linguist with 10 years of experience in ESL teaching

Teaching with us since: October 2022

Price: € 17 per 50-min. class, 8.5 € per 25-min. Class

My name is Chaimae, and I am a Linguist. I speak three languages; I have a native level in English and Arabic besides my fluent French. Besides my master's degree in linguistics, I have a Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certificate from the British Council, TESOL, and TEYL from Teach International. I am an open-minded, patient, and friendly teacher who loves reading, reviewing books, and listening to classical music. Having taught people of all group ages, diverse cultures, and nationalities, I was able to gather experience and improve myself constantly as a teacher during those 10 years of online and offline classes. Learners will notice that I will always focus on their needs, and objectives and therefore provide a clear explanation accordingly. I believe that my teaching experience and passion for community engagement make me a terrific candidate for being a teacher who will make a positive contribution to my students' learning journey.