Esity teaching materials for children

ESITY teaching philosophy

  1. Keeping students first
  2. Sharing quality teachers 
  3. Teach students according to their level and abilities.

ESITY's teaching goal is to " Empower children to fulfill their potential and dreams by enabling them to communicate with the world with confidence."

Our teaching system

High-quality textbooks need a scientific curriculum system

ESITY is creating a series of courses that will cover the entire age group 3-18, providing a high-quality, one-stop language learning program for young people around the world.

A variety of special classes to expand the international vision of children.

Fun learning

Any type of interest of the child contains the voice of nature and perhaps a flash of genius. Link interest and learning, and your child will love learning, exploring, and discovering.

Preparation of the evaluation

Evaluation is an effective way to test the learning effect. We help children reach a bigger platform, gain experience and broaden their horizons.

Subject lighting

Convert language knowledge into language ability, use language as a learning tool to use the world's sources of knowledge and fun. Practice critical thinking and improve the quality of understanding.