Online language courses for children aged 3-18 years 

زبان انگلیسی برای کودکان

زبان آلمانی برای کودکان

Online English live classes with a live teacher for children from 3 to 18 years old

Native English and international teachers make children love to learn and speak with confidence. 

Private 1-on-1 English classes and small group classes anytime, anywhere.

Modern international teaching materials from industry leaders like PEARSON or KLETT, full of fun and games.  

Quality foreign teachers

Our teachers are from all over the world. They love children, understand education, and empower them to have more options in life. We like to stimulate children's desire to explore and learn the way they like so that they fall in love with English.

Why study with ESITY?

Individual or group classes

anytime, anywhere

Natural learning

in the international environment

International teachers provide high-quality teaching services to children around the world.

Thanks to modern technologies, children are protected

Top technology for online meetings

from the market leader awarded by Gartner.

Works on any device

computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.


designed and optimized for reliable operation

Our commitment

Payment without worries

Try a free sample lesson before you decide to pay.

Service level guarantee

After payment, the payer agrees to the ESITY teaching agreement and we guarantee the agreed level of services.

Lecturer quality guarantee

We guarantee the high quality of our lecturers and all our lecturers are constantly trained to improve their skills.

How to experiment free ESITY free trial class

Contact us with a request for sample teaching.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Make an appointment

Your personal consultant will contact you by email or telephone to confirm your appointment and the child's language test.

Enter an online classroom and teaching can begin

Download the app and try out the possibilities of the online class.


David D.

I will move to Milan with all the family and want to include my children who are positively in ENGLISH and also in ITALIAN for what is not expected.

And it is a company that is doing courses on the interactive video line in vivo with books, videos and including the game of adventures in the mobile phone. We would like to see the effectiveness of language training in the line, without embargo, as a result of what the boys like the style of the courses. I have various languages with native natives. And it is really expensive, about 6-7 EUR for 25 minutes (ideal time to keep the children).
These capacities are for children as for adults.
Deployed, verified and recommended. Only want to share our experience very positively, so that the pen will share also with other people.

Martina D.

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