Two marketers meeting

If there are more than one marketers coming to the meeting, usually one of them is new and learning, you need to define your roles before the meeting begins.

Role of the new (second) marketer


Adequate presentation of the presenter and client so as to create trust and respect on all sides.

Introduction of the presenter - where do you know him from, why do you appreciate him, how successful he is, why you are glad he found the time today ... give him credit

Introduction of the client - why you chose this customer, what is he good at (what is his business), what is the potential, what he has in common with the presenter... (not "I brought him" but "we came here")


Adding your own experience and thoughts, because the client may trust you more.

  • About the company - Why do you trust our company? What do you like about ESITY? What do you value here?
  • How it works - Experience and results of my customers. Confirm the simplicity of the system. Confirm web page complexity - you can see everything there.
  • Conclusion - The most important role of the second marketer - to ask for a decision. When do we start?