Do you want to improve your English speaking skills without grammar drills? Or do you just want to revive your English, but don't have anyone to communicate with in English? Try it with us.

Conversation classes

An interesting tailor-made teaching method. You can choose your own themes or we will suggest ours.

You will learn phrases and basic expressions that are often used in everyday life.

You have videos and important terms for each topic.

Each lesson is designed in the form of questions and answers, which will definitely benefit your conversation skills.

Language skills development

Blended online course flow

Participation before the class

Online materials (5-25 minutes)

Learning key knowledge before the class from online materials.

Online lesson with a teacher

Individual or group online class (25/50 minutes)

High quality international teachers bring pure English input in a live online class. They let you think and talk more.

After-class consolidation

Lesson recording (5-20 minutes)

Video recording for review and consolidation of key knowledge from the lesson.

Explore full English environment for immersion learning

1-on-1 or small group live interaction, possibility to have pure Engish pronunciation, perceiving multiculturalism

Conversation exclusively in a foreign language is exactly what will help you the most.

With an international teacher, you will feel like you are abroad. It is pure English naturally rich in knowledge.

Don't worry that you will not understand. You have the whole internet to help you - online translator, pictures, videos, etc.

Take the opportunity to have English conversations in the comfort of your home or anywhere else with our online language "university."