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Get paid for sharing

Do you know someone who needs to learn a language?
Recommend us and you will get a reward.

Get a reward three times: 

  1. Direct Reward: Recommend us and get a 5% reward from the course price every time the student pays!
  2. Indirect Reward: Encourage a friend you have recommended to pass this message and get 2% from the course price of his/her referrals.
  3. Second Indirect Reward: Teach your referral how to encourage their referrals to recommend us to others and get 1% from your second indirect referrals.

This is a 3-level marketing system to give you a chance to get an extra discount for your course or to even earn more money than you spend on your language courses with us.

You can only register a student who is interested in language courses and agrees with the registration.

*Your recommendations must state you in their first order or a new student's questionnaire. If you do not use the reward for our courses, the taxes and fees associated with the transfer will be deducted first.
** you are entitled to rewards for a period of 12 months from your last direct referral. Payments are sent only when they reach the amount of at least 10 Euros.