Esity marketers basics

People learn languages 24 hours a day

  • Do you need to learn a language?
  • Do you know anybody who needs to learn English?
  • Would you like to get a share of the "English teaching market?"

Our clients:

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Companies
  • Schools

Worldwide turnover exceeds millions of dollars every day.

But there are so many marketing options... Why did we choose you and not Google ads?

Information about the company:

•Founded in 2019

•Teaching English online in Slovakia

•More than 10 employees 

•1on1 lessons, 2 students lessons 

•Native and non-native English teachers from Europe, Asia, and Africa 

•High-quality online teaching materials from PEARSON 

•ZOOM online classrooms


•Established worldwide 

•Teaching languages online worldwide •More than 1000 employees 

•1on1 lessons, group lessons 

•Native and non-native teachers from all around the world 

•Our own high-quality online teaching materials, games and apps 

•Our own online classrooms embedded into our automated web portal for students, teachers, marketers etc.

Esity Business

•Increase profits 

•Improve company image 

•Get employees loyalty by letting them learn and grow 

•Improve communication within the organization 

•Communicate effectively with customers and business partners

Esity Kids

  • Great teachers from all over the world
  • Flexible online lessons anytime, anywhere
  • High-quality textbooks
  • Individual and group classes

Esity Pro

For adults - professionals

•Verified class materials and online learning platform

•Quality teachers from all over the world 

•Focus on conversation with videos and real world materials 

•Ultimate multi-device solution (works on any device)

•Worry-free payment (up to 3 trial classes) 

Esity Schools

•From kindergarten to high schools

•For language schools, too 

•Double teacher environment 

•At a school classroom 

•We help with technology 

Our materials, or school materials that we design into online classroom materials.

Let's start earning

Why referral marketing?

Most of the people want:

•More time for family, friends, hobbies 

•No debts 

•Financial independence 



•benefit from language learning around the world 

•take advantage of a proven program 

•improve or change your own situation 

•decide yourself about your invested time and income 

•build constantly and you will profit 

ESITY Recommendation Program Principles

Marketers, Students, Teachers...

•Recommend ESITY language courses 

•Get Commission up to 5%

You get paid every time the client pays. - applies to active marketers. You are an active marketer for 12 months from your last direct recommendation.


•You will get 10 Esity students. 

•Then you will get 5 Esity Marketers - your team. 

•You will get bonus up to 3% from your indirect students and earn 4 x more.


When you help each of your team members - Esity marketers create their own team of 5 marketers, you become a director and earn 2% from your indirect marketing team.

There is no limit to your earnings :-)