ESITY biz - for companies

Why does it work?

Because we have something companies want! English lessons for their employees with native English or international teachers (or even students from other countries).

More and more companies are operating internationally - they have business partners, customers or other parts of their company in other countries. It is essential for their employees to communicate with them smoothly. And what can be better than for example having an English teacher from that exact country who can not only teach them English with that particular accent but also the customs and culture of that country to understand each other better!

Companies mostly haven't even heard about live online English learning with teachers and are happy to help their employees to have this benefit.

Companies in small villages many times do not even have English language courses simply because they do not have any proactive English schools nearby.

Some companies can not have English classes at their premises because their employees either work from home or travel a lot. Having online classes is the best solution for them and they can even have a group online class even if each of them is somewhere else. 

More and more people understand the need for English for success in nowadays world and going international from the beginning is becoming very popular. Managers and company owners love the fact that they can get full control of their employees' learning by having access to online materials about lessons, students' progress, attendance, and lesson recordings.

The importance of foreign languages in business

  1. It shows the company's willingness to go beyond basic business standards
  2. It helps companies to communicate better with their colleagues
  3. It is important for delivering presentations and speeches
  4. Good pronunciation always makes a good first impression
  5. It allows them to travel
  6. It allows them to express their brand in a language that almost everyone understands
  7. It lowers cost in the long run (no need for translators or lost time translating documents)
  8. It helps companies to get new customers from other countries and to keep their customers longer by creating better relationships
  9. Most important - it grows their profits


  • International and native teachers at their fingertips
  • Individual or group language classes inside or outside of their company, from anywhere
  • flexible and traceable courses
  • Extra income source (they can refer other companies)
  • They don't need to find and hire online teachers, train the teachers, do online support for teachers, look for a sub teacher when the teacher becomes sick or is out of power
  • They get ready-made teaching materials tailor-made for online lessons
  • They get their own online classrooms
  • They don't have to deal with paperwork connected with international agreements, payments, labor office, tax office, Ministry of foreign affairs and other government offices
  • Better company image
  • Higher profits achieved by better communication

What they need to do? They only need to arrange a room, a responsible person and technology for online lessons. They also communicate with their employees.

Our ideal customer

They believe that learning the language will improve their image and profits. They don't have so many options for on-site teachers. Their staff may also work from home or "in the field", not inside one building. So it is much easier for them to meet online. They value their employees and want to offer them self-improvement opportunities. They want their employees to learn and grow.

How big: all types, big and small 

Income: successful, profitable 

Connections: companies who have employees from different countries, business partners or customers from other countries 

Possible sectors: international companies, hospitality services (hotels, restaurants, etc.), tourism services (instructors, tour guides, estate agents, etc.), online businesses, IT, diplomacy, consultancy, finance... could be any sector 

Needs: The company needs its staff to speak English (or other languages) on a conversational or fluent level. They need to improve communication within their organization, with customers or partners. They need to offer their employees options to grow and learn. 

Beliefs, values, attitudes: They believe that the more and earlier the employees learn, the better. They are sure that their employees need language skills. They value good quality services and are ready to pay for them. They believe that language proficiency will improve communication and the good image and profitability of the company. They want their employees to have a better education than their competition. They want to be and have more than average. 

Why they buy our services: They want to have language lessons at their company premises and might not have the opportunity to let other people in. They might have employees working from home or in the field and online meetings suit them best. They might not have a good language school in their surroundings. They want better quality - they want international or native teachers so the employees learn to understand the accent they need to use. They like to have control and see the progress and results of their invested money. 

What they value in our product: Time flexibility, no time or money lost for traveling to and from classes, flexibility of place, flexibility to have native or international teacher and to change their teacher, possibility to be in international class and to choose different class, opportunity to attend lower-priced group classes even during light sickness, possibility to view the video recording of skipped classes (no lost classes - no lost money). 

Benefits of our product in short: Language lessons anywhere, anytime. Teachers from anywhere. Money-effective. International classes. Managers are informed and in control. 

What does our product do for our customers? Our lessons empower employees to learn a new language in a natural international environment as if they were abroad - other students and teachers can be from other countries. This way they learn more quickly and more naturally and become confident in using another language even when they do not know all the words and grammar yet. They can see the preparation materials first and therefore come prepared and share their knowledge with the teacher and other students. They do this all while saving time and money for traveling and while having the world's teachers available at their fingertips. 

What do our customers need to be convinced of to buy this product from us? Our company is of top quality. We are experienced and know how to teach online. This system works for many companies all over the world. Teachers are educated and professional. We have ongoing education for our teachers. Materials are beautiful and effective. Website is simple and easy to use. Staff is always available to help and easy to reach. Prices are acceptable. Being an Esity student is a popular status. 

Marketing strategy

Marketing type: We sell professionally, deliver efficiently and service rapidly.

Our market: The whole world - anywhere where people need to learn a foreign language and have internet.

How we do marketing: Online and personally


What exactly do we sell? What does it do for our customers? 

We sell language skills. Our customers learn to use another language. 

What customer's need does it satisfy? 

Learning comfortably. Speaking confidently. Communicating with people from other countries. Being successful, having higher status and better knowledge. It is better than our competitors, cheaper and faster.
Our product is easy to use and superior to what they might be currently using. 

Increase in sales, lowering costs, higher net profits. Improvement in communication. Better business relationships. More opportunities. 


We empower people to fulfill their potential and their dreams by enabling them to communicate with the world confidently.

Our area of excellence, competitive advantage
  • Great online materials, online options for companies.
  • Flexibility - more teachers to choose from, more time options (even very short lessons), more place options.
  • Games and multimedia materials for fun and engagement. 
  • We are interested in our student's lives and want to build personal and opened friendships with them.

Our competitors 

SkyEng, Preply, italki, EnglishLive - more for individuals than companies
BusinessEnglishPod - looks like they have no online live classes 

It is difficult to find our competitors online - most courses are on-site courses and if they are online, it is not a live online class with a lector, but just an online account with videos and stuff. There are online courses with live teachers through individual teacher websites like preply or italki, but there is no common method and no possibility to continue the same material with different teachers anytime. That could mean 2 things: positive - there are not many competitors, negative - there is not a big need from customers.

Our competitors are also any companies that teach languages on-site for our customers ("normal" language schools) because our potential clients could choose them instead of us.

 How can we change our potential customers' opinion to buy from us: 

  1. They like on-site approach (they want the teacher to physically be there) - There is nothing online teacher does differently from an on-site teacher. Online is even better because of all the multimedia resources he/she has to use. 
  2. They might not have sufficient technology (internet, camera, microphone) to ensure the sufficient quality of live online lessons. - We offer and deliver technology.
  3. They do not know about online classes. - Marketing and selling - we tell them.
  4. They are afraid of the "unknown" and are not sure about the quality of online classes. - Show other successful examples, show how it works.  
  5. They have long-term contracts with other language institutions. - See the punishment for closing the contract/offer free sample and agree on meeting before the contract expires. Offer free trial class just for them to see and compare.
  6. They like to continue with what they are familiar with and we are new to them. They are satisfied now so do not feel any need for change. - Offer free sample, contact later. Offer our benefits. 

How is our product better than our competitors

It is flexible (anytime, anywhere), international teams, international teachers, same materials even when the teacher changes. 

Is our product well suited for the needs of today's market? 

Yes, it is. Online meetings and online classes from home are the future of home-based life that is already becoming a reality.

The concern of the customer is top priority at all times. 

Prepare for success and avoid failure

Every problem has a solution:

  1. Lack of direction - establish specific goals for each part of your business.
  2. Impatience - build customers base one at a time
  3. Greed - charge less (choose cheaper options first), don't try to sell too much without having a good reputation first
  4. Overspending - do not spend what you don't have
  5. Poor quality - make it the best quality ever, because the quality is more important than a low price
  6. Insufficient working capital - budget ahead far enough
  7. Insufficient sales - always focus on selling and make all other business activities secondary to that.

Remember your key purpose 

Your key purpose is not to make a profit, but creating and keeping the customer.

What business are you really in? Online language teaching.

Mission: Improving the life level of people by enabling them to communicate with the world.

Totally satisfied customer: Learned and improved English (or another language) to the desired level and can now communicate and use the language to reach his/her goals. 

The company's relationships are now better because they learned to communicate. Their image is professional and their revenues went up. 

If your business would be perfect, what would it look like? 

How to do the marketing

Possible cooperation with companies:

A. Online lessons at their company premises

We need a room with a TV/projector/computer/other board, webcam and a microphone AND a person responsible for turning the tech on. If they already have a language school, then we contact that language school to offer cooperation.

B. Online lessons outside their company premises

Employees will attend online classes from home (or anywhere else) - private or group classes through their own or company's notebooks.

How to do the marketing:

1. Contact the company - phone call 

2. Online or on-site meeting with a decision-maker - find out their situation and needs, showcase our service and its features. Set free trial class dates and times 

3. Promote the trial class - a company can decide how will they let people know - through the owner/managers, e-mail, company's internal portal, posters in companies' building, etc. 

4. Free trial class - on-site (A.) or online (B.) 

5. Sign-up, payment, initial language audit for each employee, the establishment of a curriculum for each group, and regular classes 

6. Regular monitoring of language knowledge and continuous evaluation of employee progress. Monitoring attendance. Student's satisfaction evaluation. Change of time/curriculum/teacher if needed.


Corporate training usually takes place in the workplace during the working day. People are in a whirlwind of work responsibilities and sometimes have concentration problems. Problems also occur with attendance. Often urgent obligations arise, and the employee cancels the lesson at the last minute and the company has to pay for it but is not taught. Therefore, we recommend that the lessons take place early in the morning, before the start of working hours, when the student is still fresh, concentrated and not exposed to workload and pressure as much as during the day. 

Our courses:

English courses are general or specialized.

Specialized English language courses:

  • Business english
  • Networking in English
  • Emails in english
  • English for marketing and advertising
  • English for phone calls
  • Presentations in english
  • English for negotiating
  • HR english
  • Hotel English
  • Other according to company's needs

Prices and Financing:

Companies offer the opportunity to learn a foreign language during working hours so that employees can progress in their professional field. They offer language education as part of a social program or benefits.

This is a tax-friendly form for the employer and at the same time an attractive form for the employee. It serves to stabilize the human resources in the company, which is currently very necessary.

In our company, teachers set the base price for their lessons, so the company can choose their price and we select the teacher according to their desired price, or they set what is important for them and we tell them what are the prices according to their needs. The price per lesson is usually from 10 to 40 Eur. The company pays in advance, at least 10 lessons at once or on a monthly basis.

What shall a company do if they want our lessons:

  1. Decide to become our customer
  2. Contact us to arrange an online or on-site meeting
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Set a responsible person
  5. Set the technology
  6. Let all employees know about it

Now you know all the basics. Let's get your first company!