English for upper sec teenagers (15-18 years)

Gold Experience is a rich, diverse and carefully prepared course for high school students. This course, specially designed to motivate older adolescents, helps students prepare for passing the high school exams.

The course offers targeted exam development as in an exam. Starting with the first level of the course, students are offered a regular exhibition of EXERCISES AS AT GRADUATION in conjunction with entertaining materials or authentic assignments.

Map of the ESITY courses for high school students

Course development goal

Developing self-learning ability

Participation before the class

Preview video (3-25 minutes)

Learning key knowledge before the class from different types of videos.

Strong interaction in class

Individual or group online class (25/50 minutes)

High quality international teachers bring pure English input in a live online class. They let children think and talk more.

After class consolidation

Online homework (5-20 minutes)

Online homework to consolidate the key knowledge of the lesson.

Explore full English environment for immersion learning

1-on-1 or small group live interaction, possibility to have pure Engish pronunciation, perceiving multiculturalism

Immersion teaching mimics the real international learning environment

International teachers guide students into a "living abroad"-like learning environment. Naturally acquired knowledge-rich pure English.

Young adults in future multicultural world will need to speak other languages more than ever before. That is why more and more parents want their children to learn a foreign language professionally. Take the opportunity to have English classes in the comfort of your home or anywhere else with our Online Language University.