ESITY mission

Fulfilling human potential by enabling them to communicate with the world.

ESITY vision

Be the first choice for online language learning.

ESITY values

The pursuit of perfection.

Introduction of ESITY

ESITY stands for Online Language University. We provide online English lessons for children, adults and companies. Our teachers are from all over the world and teach privately or in small groups.

Our teachers are carefully selected, highly qualified and constantly trained.

Our materials are based on resources from world leaders in teaching materials such as PEARSON.

Why choose live online courses?

Millions of people around the world learn online. This method of education proves that "internet + education" is feasible and will effectively change the imbalance of high-quality teachers in the world and really create a good for society.

The most important thing, in addition to improving children's language skills, is also opening the door to connect and communicate with the world.

The story of the founder

Ing. Ivana Lenčéšová
Ing. Ivana Lenčéšová

The founder of ESITY and the CEO is an experienced online English teacher for children, adults and companies.

She studied marketing and management at the university with a pedagogical supplementary study and a UNICERT certificate in English.

She studied in Austria and Slovakia, worked in the USA, England and India. Her work experience includes teaching English in person and online, organizing conferences and sporting events, lecturing on managerial skills and marketing, etc.

Ivana likes to work with international teams, do business and teach. Her great success in online teaching led her to found ESITY so that she could stop rejecting new students and share her "know-how" with other teachers from around the world.

ESITY lessons have a stable structure for better memorization, but they also offer interesting methods of learning through games and fun activities. The greatest emphasis is placed on communication skills.

"Speaking foreign languages, especially English, can bring you and your children new opportunities, easier travel abroad, and new sources of information and entertainment from around the world. It's definitely worth it."