Online English courses for hotels and hospitality facilities

Live classes and interactive online lessons

Live private and group classes

Learn and practice with expert teachers either one-on-one or in groups directly at your hotel or from home.

Specialized online materials for hotels and hospitality industry

There are no books or CDs in this course. Everything is completed online in a web browser. You can see detailed student reports of completed activities including time spent in the system.

Tailored courses designed to fit your needs

The course is designed to train the hotel management, reception, concierges, housekeeping, restaurant staff, tour guides, and most other hotel staff positions. 

Quality foreign teachers

Our teachers are from all around the world. They love to teach, understand education and empower students to reach their goals.

You can choose any teacher according to their country, native language, time availability, education and much more.

The whole world of teachers are available for you and you can decide to change your teacher if you want to.

Why choose ESITY?

Hiqh quality textbooks

specific for hotel staff

Individual or group classes

anytime, anywhere

Increasing revenue

with money effective language courses

International teachers provide high quality teaching services to hotels around the world.

How to get free ESITY hotels trial class

Contact us to receive free trial class

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment

Your dedicated course consultant will contact you to arrange a test for your employees and a private or group language classes based on your needs.

Enter the online classroom and start class

The course can begin. You and your staff have access to lessons recordings, progress and results reports.

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