Country: Philippines, Asia

Category: children, adults, companies

Year of birth: 1981

Education: Bachelor of Science major in Aquaculture

Work experience: online English teacher since 2014

Hobbies: singing, fitness, music

Teaching experience: 5 years

Teaching with us since: March 2019

Price per 50-minute lesson: From € 9

Hi everyone! My name is Airis and I am an experienced ESL teacher. I have been working as an online and offline ESL teacher for more than 5 years now. I catered students from all over the world, of any ages, levels and groups. I teach students of any walks of life so i pay attention to your English requirements that needs to be met. I am willing to help you improve your oral English in the best way that I can. I have great passion for teaching and it's my achievement seeing my students improving in my class. I can teach you pronunciation, grammar, conversational English and the likes. I'll help you get motivated and stay motivated in my class so I hope to see you one day and try my class.