Selling to companies - Meeting

Meeting preparation

- Attitude - I go to the client to offer money, the opportunity to learn and increase their profits. No doubts and be able to sell yourself.

- Companies with more than 5 branches and / or more than 50 employees belong to the category of potential Key Account Owners - to be consulted before meeting with ESITY Director

- What to bring:

  • Take the laptop with our website and online promo materials, 
  • Business card and 
  • Printed materials (leaflets, posters)
  • A pen and a paper, or you can take notes on your phone or laptop

- the reason for the purchase is not the product but the result of its use

At the meeting

- Ask first, then offer - 80% of the meeting is dedicated to needs assessment, open questions and active listening. Where do you see the biggest challenges/problems in your business? I want to find out what he needs and give him the opportunity to get it through our service.


  1. Find out about the past - what they have gone through. Praise them for what they did and what they do.
  2. Detect the present - What they do now, how are the employees, where are their colleagues/clients/business partners from. What their language skills are. What is the communication like.
  3. Find out about the future, plans for the future - new business plans, if they want to cooperate with new countries, anything that has something to do with using other languages. What they need to improve communication. What level of which languages do they need? Bring their desires, goals, and dreams to the present. What are they already doing to achieve it?

- 20% of the meeting - my talking, deciding whether they are suitable for being our client. First, mention the benefits for customers/business partners/other branches abroad. The businessman should understand why they would appreciate better communication. A manager is also a private person and a communicator. What is interesting for him as a customer/business partner/colleague will also be interesting for his company!

What to talk about?

  1. Main idea - online language lessons for the company and their employees (questions: How many employees do you have? What are their language skills like? How would better language skills of your employees improve your business?
  2. About our company - our credibility, vision, how big we are, how many teachers, customers, companies we have (do not talk about this if you have nothing to be proud of yet - then you talk about how it works, professional teaching materials, etc.), how fast we grow (questions: How many clients/teachers/countries do you think we have? What advantages can you see in online learning?)
  3. How it works - it is easy, registration, intro tests, selecting their teacher, from laptop/mobile phone, payment, how to start the lesson, see results... what to do step by step to start (questions: Who do you think will want to participate from your company? This is how they register and can start learning... Do you like this idea?)
  4. Our recommendation program - they get Esity credit for recommending other customers to us (Do you have a favorite restaurant? How much will they pay you for recommending it to me? When you recommend us, we give you Esity credit which you can use to pay for your language classes. What would you say if your language lessons could be 20 / 50 / 100% off? When you recommend other students to us, you can get your courses for a better price or even for free! Is that interesting for you? You can start recommending right now and increase your buying budget.)
  5. Conclusion - ask for the decision, find out why yes/no (possible questions: Can you imagine improving your situation with this? Do you like the idea? Questions that remind him of his benefit - you said you wanted this and that. Do you see that this system will bring it to you? Can you imagine at least one employee who would like that? Now is the right time and place to get started. We will agree what we will do, plan first activities and achieve (his goal). So what do we do first? When do we start?)

Explain our language services in a way that they fulfill their goals (Let's look... If we create... When we imagine... If we find... When I show you how... (achievement of benefit), can we start/arrange/sign (next step)?) For example: When I show you how your employees can fluently communicate and understand your Chinese clients within 1 year, can we start the Hotel English lessons taught by a Chinese teacher from next week?

KISS - Keep It Short and Simple

We not only offer a language program that will enable them to speak other languages but one that enables them to reach their goals through improved communication.

After you tell about our offer:

  • keep quiet and let him ask questions or let him tell you how he understood what you told him
  • if there are no questions, you can say some examples of our customers similar to him
  • make him imagine that his goal is already achieved ("Imagine that you have this and that (his goal), that your employees communicate effortlessly in English, that your business partners from China decided to buy from you...)

Use of the entrepreneur's recommendation. Whether you sell or not, you can always ask for contacts on other companies that they think might need language courses. They can either just give you the contact, or to call a familiar businessman and say, "Listen, I have an online language program that works and that my employees use. Would you like to try it, too? ... I have a consultant who comes in and explains everything. "


How much does it cost?

It depends on you. Usually from 10 to 40 Eur per lesson. I'll explain immediately what it depends on, but first, you have to understand the context. (Do not talk about prices before you explain the product and its benefits.)

My goal is to explain how this service can increase your income. How would you rate your employees' language level?

Tell them about the performance of other customers.

Effective sentences:

  • Future-oriented technical solutions
  • Lowest possible administrative burden

What if they can not decide whether to buy or not?

Ask for the decision within 24 hours. If not, offer another meeting or nothing.

I am looking for determined people who are willing to do something for their goals. I have no time for slow and indecisive people.

We are happy to teach students who need to learn.

What do you need to make a decision?


The marketer processes his contracts by himself.

The marketer gets help and guidance from his/her team manager. If the manager is not available, then the marketer can contact his/her team director. If none of those two are available, the marketer can contact ESITY.

Marketer's personal documents - Marketer takes care of his own personal documents and of the personal documents of his team. Personal documents contain personal information, training, and mentoring history, planning, customer list, and payment information, etc.

Documents about customers - Marketer processes information about his customers (companies) - their basic information, contacts, what type of lessons they want, communication history, lessons history, etc.

Arranging all we need for the lesson - Marketer is responsible for everything needed to set up our lessons (or do marketing for home-based lessons) at companies and maintaining its' long-run functioning. This includes:

  1. Finding and contacting potential customers- all companies that may need communication in other languages, IT companies, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  2. Meetings - online meetings or come personally to the company's premises, arrange our online classes at company's premises (when and where will it be, who will be there and how will they let employees know, how will it be paid), observe the place where our classes will take place - the room and technology that they have (and plan what needs to be bought or rented from us, because it should be their technology). Plan the next steps with the manager.
  3. Complete course and trial class arrangements - make sure all marketing steps have been taken and that all employees know about it, make sure they arrange a person who will be responsible for online classes on-site, arrange that all technology needed for online classes will be at the company (big screen, internet, camera, microphone - or notebook with camera and microphone; all cables needed like HDMI cable or internet cable). Let the ESITY company know about the timings of the trial class so we can arrange an online teacher.
  4. Do the trial class - be there online or on-site during the open class, turn on the technology, greet employees and tell them what will happen, show them what to do after the trial class, where can they sign up for the course (you will have a computer there or a paper). During the class, tell them what to do and help them during the online class. After the trial class, answer all questions, help with signing-up and explain the positive impact of our online classes.
  5. Process the results - process the contract and the applications and communicate with ESITY to prepare first invoice to pay us for the course. If the company is not managing these English lessons, then we process the applications and communicate with employees. At this stage, you communicate with the Esity company about how many classes/applications you got and you will be informed about their payments through our system. Only lessons that are paid can happen if not agreed on different payment terms. You can also give them more time to send the payment in individual cases, but not more than 2 weeks. If the course is not paid 2 weeks after it began, the employee will not attend the course anymore.
  6. Ongoing course managing - the ESITY manages online teachers, you manage the company through their responsible person or individually with each employee - manage the calendar of classes and cancel classes in case of national holidays, sick teacher or when needed (for example company's events, etc.) You will also manage communication with the company - in case they want to leave the course, join later, or have any questions - you and the on-site manager are contact persons for those employees and you are the contact person for the on-site manager. If nothing is happening, you just contact the on-site manager once a month about how is it going. You are sending them reports if they are not available online.

ESITY abroad

If you want to sell outside of your country, here is how.


  1. Contacting companies or your new ESITY marketers via internet - facebook, skype, mail
  2. Reach, restore contact, break the ice
  3. Either write what you want or arrange an online zoom/skype/... meeting
  4. At the meeting - find out plans and needs, offer business. Invite to introduce the company and the service, or just do it. Ask about the decision.
  5. Follow-up - ask about the decision within 24 hours
  6. Registration and continue the same as in your country, but online.
  7. For active marketers/profitable companies, plan a trip to that country for at least 1 week.

For the marketing team outside of your own country - The less we are with people, the more strict the conditions of cooperation must be. The more direct and hard you need to be to them.